Do One Thing Well In The Present Moment And Let Go Of Your Baggage

Your actions, thoughts and results should be definitive. If you are doing something half-heartedly, you will not achieve your full potential. Do your very best in the moment and live for the present.

We carry around baggage: emotional baggage from things we feel we should be doing, physical baggage where we ache and don’t care for ourselves in the right way, career baggage doing things because we know how to do them vs focusing on the things that bring us pure joy and life baggage trying to live up to the expectations of others rather than living for ourselves.

We go through a cycle of promises, guilt, worry, stress, anxiety around underachievement and how others will judge us, exhausting from overworking and in the end, a less productive way of life where we don’t feel satisfied yet feel unable to escape.

Through the years, I have been letting go of said baggage and with each layer I shed, I feel the weight lifted from my shoulders and wonder why I ever agreed to carry it in the first place. As if my humanity were an onion, each layer peeled away reveals a fresher, more vibrant version of myself and I fall in love all over again with who I am and who I will become. Life seems like a never-ending journey of self-discovery vs an endless maze of entrapment.

Last night, my life changed yet again. I realized and accepted my true calling is teaching and blogging.

I met with R. B. yesterday through our mutual friend, C. P., and our discussion blew my mind to the point where I made a decision last night. He moved to the Bay Area last year from NYC and Cat has been urging me to connect with him about technology and training. Well, the meeting turned out to be much deeper than an exchange of capabilities and service offerings for which I will remember in all my days to come.

R. was so focused on the now. His laser-sharp focus on where he was going, his purpose in life and clarity on how he works best is not something I’ve encountered recently…if ever, in such high concentration when conversing with another person.

Time is a precious commodity. No matter how wealthy you are, afternoons cannot be reclaimed.

My insight from yesterday’s meeting:
I LOVE technology like a cat likes milk; like an elephant loves peanuts; like a horse loves carrots.