Break Free Of The Matrix: Don’t Say You Don’t Have Enough Time

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

One of my favorite quotes out there because it asks you to stop and think about what you really spending your time on. How can days, weeks and eventually years go by causing you to wonder what the heck you’ve been doing with your life? When you’re caught on the hamster wheel looking at the small, parallel bars you’re running on, it’s truly challenging to think bigger and realize you’re in a hamster cage and that’s the real problem.

The first step is awareness. Neo realized he wasn’t satisfied with his life in the movie The Matrix. Slowly this began to show through in his actions like how he would spend time online hacking websites. We all cry out in one way or another to express our unhappiness with the content or pace of llife. Few of us act on it for fear of rejection and the unknown.

Next time you think about your frustrations with your present life, jot it down in a notebook. This is how I began my path to “waking up” like in The Matrix. Eventually, scribbles in a notebook became text documents which became emails and then blog posts. I finally began outwardly expressing my dissatisfaction and found others who were making an active change to their reality. I joined by taking the red pill to awaken me from the slumber of compliancy.

At first, it was painful, uncomfortable and I questioned if I had made the right choice; very much like Neo’s experience. Little did I know going to see The Matrix the night before it opened with the Geeksquad crew that it would lay the foundational story for my self-discovery. My life is much better now as I feel fully empowered 98% of the time. Once in a while, I will encounter something or someone who doesn’t seem to vibe with my energy. Now I listen to the feeling most of the time and when I don’t? I often deeply regret it and can see my intuition had been right all along.

Fear of rejection is a big deal for many of us. What I can tell you is that in 2006, I was terrified to even bring up that my roommate left the toilet seat up. Now, I have no qualms about walking right up to a stranger in a traffic jam to tell them I felt they were inconsiderate or telling a good friend that their behavior appears to be self-defeating.

Life isn’t about perfection. It’s about happiness and a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Remember that the next time you get done with work and feel exhausted looking at your very long to-do list of things and ask, “Will these items lead to a sense of fulfillment and purpose in my life?”. I bet “pick up dry cleaning” will get trumped by “bubble bath”!