Lets Talk About Attributes of Smartphone Success

For many people, checking their smartphone can be addicting.

One of the keys to success in the smartphone market is a sleek, sexy and contemporary design. For instance, Apple vaulted to the top of the market based on those virtues. However, while design is important there are other attributes that contribute to the success of smartphones.

Attributes of smartphone success:

So what attributes are key to smartphone success, besides a cool design? There are 3 other attributes that will position a smartphone for success: street cred with enterprises, integration with other services and a user friendly operating system.

1. Design

All mobile devices must be consumer devices first. Nokia’s n900 and e62 were examples of devices that had enterprise chops but missed the mark on design. They were the smartphone equivalent of orthopedic shoes – functional but not fun.

2. Enterprise credibility

This is not a requirement for smartphones but it’s critical for companies as many don’t aim to please the enterprise at all. However, appealing to the enterprise is one way to gain a foothold in one segment of the market as it musters momentum among consumers.

3. Integration with services

It could be its own enterprise services with which the device can interoperate. While the remote back-up and recovery services might be interesting to enterprises it’s a snooze-fest for consumers.

4. User friendly operating system

The last category that’s critical to mass market success for smartphones is a user friendly operating system. Do you remember Motorola Q? It had a sleek design and an operating system that the average consumer found cumbersome.

That are most important aspects of a successful smartphone.  If you think I missed something, welcome in comments!