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With new coins appearing almost every single day, one can say with full confidence that the cryptocurrency market is having its greatest time right now. But just as all good things come with its fair share of weird and strange stuff, so do the cryptos. n my previous article I wrote about the most common cryptocurrency terms (jargon). Let’s now look at six funny crypto coins available on the market.

The Jesus Coin

Yep, you read that right. Jesus now has a coin in his name, thanks to a bunch of enthusiastic religious entrepreneurs. Coming with the tagline “Decentralizing Jesus on the Blockchain”, the Jesus coin offers 100% freedom from sins if you purchase a token. The creators also claim to be talking with various churches in order to make the coin a de facto currency of Christians across the world. As per the website, Jesus Christ himself is the founder of the coin. And despite the world having more than two billion Christians, no one seems to have taken an interest in the coin as its market capitalization stands at about half a million dollars.

The Meme Coin

The most famous meme coin right now is Dogecoin, with the Shiba Inu dog breed as its logo. And even though the dog was a popular internet meme at one time, the coin surprisingly ranks 41st among all cryptos in terms of market capitalization at nearly 573 million dollars. Now, there is nothing special about this coin. Absolutely nothing. So, why is this coin popular? That is a question no one has an answer for. At best guess, the novelty of the coin seems to be favoring it in some way. Dogecoin has another meme coin as its competitor – Pepe Cash, which is inspired by the famous Pepe The Frog.

The Sexcoin

Sexcoin is reportedly the world’s first coin that is absolutely dedicated to a specific industry – porn. You can use it to buy porn movies and sex toys. And though the famous saying “sex sells” is often true in most cases, it seems to have been proven false in the case of Sexcoin as the token only has a market capitalization of just over a million dollars. And in terms of popularity, it ranks at a dismal 380. Its competitor is the Titcoin.


While the Jesus coin targets Christians, the BitCoen is specially made for Jews. However, this does not limit itself to just being a coin. Instead, a whole ecosystem that integrates a payment platform, advertising, and a trading platform has been created. The BitCoen network can apparently process about 1000 transactions every second. And considering that both Ethereum and Bitcoin struggle to go beyond 7 to 20 transactions per second, that is quite an achievement.

The PutinCoin

With cryptos being launched in the name of religion, dogs, porn, and whatnot, one would expect a few to be launched in the name of political leaders. PutinCoin is one such crypto which is inspired by the Russian president Vladimir Putin. It has a market capitalization of about 3.4 million dollars, which ranks it at 619th position among the global cryptocurrencies. Amusingly, another coin in honor of the Russian president, called PutinClassic, was launched just after the PutinCoin hit the market. US president Donald Trump too has a coin named after him, dubbed the TrumpCoin. But PutinCoin beats it in terms of market capitalization.

The Useless Coin

Usually, the creators of cryptocurrencies spend hours trying to come up with an explanation as to why they are creating the coin, the purpose of the coin, the role it will play in the future, and so on. And all such explanations tend to border on lofty ideals and big dreams. But the people who created the Useless Ethereum Token were brutally honest with why the coin was created – to buy themselves some nice things. Funnily enough, despite being so blunt about their intentions, the token sale of the coin actually raised more than $250,000.

In addition to the above, there are coins dedicated to kittens called the Catcoin, a coin for settling marijuana sales called PotCoin, and a coin to symbolically wave someone away by sending it to them called the Fuck Token. Whether such weird crypto coins will every gain any market traction is indeed doubtful, but they do give us the chuckles and consistently remind us that the world of cryptocurrencies is indeed a bizarre place.

6 Replies to “Meet The Wackiest Cryptocurrencies In The World”

  1. Peter Dallas says:

    I was thinking why people create ill those coins, but after small research I found out tht just making another bitcoin clone isn’t quite as hard, although the programming aspects are still ridiculous. The downside to that is that you’ll be looking at an oversaturated market that’s already dominated by bitcoin and ethereum, and which is already plagued by the serious scaling issues inherent in blockchain technology.

    • Carl Conton says:

      For creating a new cryptocurrency, blockchain technology plays a major role for secured transcations. The major components for creating a new cryptocurrency as follows : node application, shared ledger, algorithm type, virtual machine.
      The four components need to be operated together, a human user observing them as a node application or an app that is installed in order to participate in the respective blockchain system for creating a new cryptocurrency.

  2. jup1ter says:

    all crypto-currencies are experimental in nature and users face material risks by transacting with them or by holding significant crypto-currency balances. individual cryptocurrencies may be more Betamax than VHS, and more MySpace than Facebook. .

    • Carl Conton says:

      Yes, even if some of the constructs are enduring, such as distributed ledgers and the use of cryptography, specific crypto-currencies may be supplanted by competing transaction technologies.

  3. Paul T. says:

    I heard that Palmer started cryptocurrency dogecoin as a joke. To his surprise, it took off. I think that’s partly why he is not optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies.

  4. Dick says:

    Omg, this crack me up 😀 Like it that joke, u know, how many miners does it take to change a lightbulb?

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